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Stainless steel 304 combination screw
         The combination stainless steel 304 screw is made of stainless steel SUS304.In Fortune Hardware co. LTDThere are different kinds of screw combination with ball pad, with flat mat.About the two.That is to say 304 stainless steel band play mat combination screw, and adopts stainless steel SUS304 flat pad combination screw.Classification by screw, of course, there are two kinds, one kind is stainless steel pan head screw combination, and stainless steel outer hexagon bolt.
       Basic knowledge of stainless steel 304 combination screw about described above.In general combination screw didn't spot.Are all need to do now.As a combination of stainless steel screws, we hit a solid screw general minimum quantity, which now more than ten thousand, under orders to come over, can we arrange production right away.Production speed is fast, about 3 days or so can be done well.
      Stainless steel 304 combination screw, spring washers screw in the more, but the combination of the flat pad screws have customers will also have this aspect needs.This is the customer's requirements.In general, the customer can start combination of stainless steel screws drawings to us, or directly to the samples to us.Production, according to the drawing or according to the samples directly to manufacturing.Combination of stainless steel screw is generally do not need to electroplating.Just clean and in the dry can.Some higher customer to salt spray test requirement, then the combination of stainless steel screws can be purified.Improve its salt fog test time.