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Hexagon bolt slipping causes and solutions
     Our Fortune Hardware Co., LTD have done a hex socket bolts, before material is iron, screw wire FCM435. The size is M2.5 * 10, is ordinary white nickel plating.After the produced, sent to the customer at the time, found in hex bolt head will slip.We've been looking for production and technical personnel, to find a solution.Finally solved well, the customer testing is completely OK over there.

Last time, Fortune Hardware Co., LTD chopped, analyzed in producing inner hexagon bolt, not on how to do?And puts forward several solutions.Will tell you the below, hex bolt head inside the slide tooth reason: look from our manufacturers, may be we use the poor quality of screw wire, may also be a hex bolt type pier, rub after good teeth, direct electroplating, did not take to add hard.From customer side, is likely to be customers in the use hex bolt, hex key forces in hex bolt head is used when the force is too big.Or hex key and socket head bolts in the depth of the six head does not match.
Solution for the socket head bolts head sliding teeth: 1. Discuss the manufacturers and customers, with the high quality bolt wire production.Production manufacturer must remember on the other hand, the production of good color socket head bolts to add hard processing, and must require hard factory to indicate hardness index.2. Ask customers when use must be reasonable use good corresponding tool use, in order to convenient, disorderly use unreasonable tools to play socket head bolts.Also, and customers, while I was playing socket head bolts, don't need too much efforts.Equilibrium can hold good strength.M2.5 socket head bolts under normal circumstances should be able to withstand 2 n. m above wring force.So to the strength of the right, not too strong.

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