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Definition of Screw
 Screw is known to all, but if you say screw is how to define, if not professional personnel engaged in screw production or sales may answer.Fortune Hardware Co, LTD is specializing in the production of the screw manufactory.Here are simple to introduce by Mr.Wang to see how to define the screws.
Screw is known as the rice of industry.In general industrial production is inseparable from the screw.Which basically production factory need screws to tighten.Screw is one of hardware.
Screw, also some people call it the "bolt", "Screw" (Screw rod).Actually screw is known, screws, screw rod are mutually distinguishing.Screw generally call wood screw;Is the front have pointed that pitch is bigger, commonly used for fastening the wooden parts, plastic parts.Screw rod is (mechanical) screw, machine screw is front end flat and pitch of small, uniform, general used for fastening metal, machine parts.
Screw was an incline round rotation and friction force in physics and mathematics.Tighten tool implements part step by step.Screw is the generic version fasteners, daily colloquial English.Screw for daily life indispensable industrial necessities: such as camera, glasses, watches and clocks, electronic use tiny screw;Television, electrical products, instruments, furniture and other general screw;As to engineering, building, bridge using large screws, nuts;Transportation equipment, aircraft, trains, cars, etc for the size of the screw.Screws are important tasks in the industry, so long as the earth exist in industry, the ability of the screw will always important.Screw was invented in people's production and living one thousand years, according to the application field, it is the first great inventions of the human.
Screw, some of us call fasteners, also some people called standard parts, also some people call screw, more some people called screws.In fact is a concept.